‘To Live in the Age of Melting: Northwest Passage’

Taking iconic Canadian folk song ‘Northwest Passage’ as a point of departure, the film embarks on an evocative visual and sonic journey that travels from Franklin’s doomed 19th century expedition to contemporary Arctic sovereignty.  Climate change, the human nervous system, colonial legacy, and ‘tradition’ are woven into a provocative tale of what happens when the North – and parts of ourselves  – begin to melt.

Premiered at Planet in Focus Film Festival (Toronto), along with other screenings at the Parkdale Film Festival (Toronto), in Owen Sound at the Wild Lands Film Festival, and at the Topological Media Lab (Montreal).

Directed by: Evalyn Parry & Elysha Poirier
Visual Design, Set Design, Editing and Post Effects by: Elysha Poirier
Written, created & performed by: Evalyn Parry
Cinematography by: Nick DePencier
Costume Design by: Anahita Dehbonehie
Camera Assistants: Kevin Shak, Maxim Gertler-Jaffe, Chris Niesing
Sound Mix & Mastering: Don Kerr
Live Sound Consultant: John Switzer