‘Zata Omm Dance and Technology Research Laboratory’

Research that engages the possibilities and profound relationship between contemporary dance and advanced technologies.

Director: William Yong
New Media and Technology Strategist: Elysha Poirier

In 2010, Zata Omm launched a three-year programme of multiple dance and new technology collaborative research projects made possible with funding from the George Cedric Metcalf Foundation. 

Participating Artists:

Jacob Niedzwiecki
James Kendal
Mark Argo
Ann Poochareon
Erika Kiessner
Adam Carlucci
Michael Caldwell
Irvin Chow
Ben Landsberg
Nicholas Melymuk
Brendan Wyatt
Andrea Nann
Michelle Silagy
Dani Culimore
Tom Kuo
Kate Franklin
Nicholas Melymuk
Ying Gao
Isabelle Campeau
Steven Tai
David Beaulieu
Christian Pelletier
Maryse Damecour
Jerome Delapierre
Navid Navab
Piere-Marc Wallet