Burning Bright

Filmed in Rangely, Colorado and Dinosaur National Park on the border between Colorado and Utah. Music composed and recorded at the Tank Center for Sonic Arts in Colorado. The Tank is a former water treatment facility in Rangely and is an uniquely resonant space, with a massive reverberation potential – up to forty-second long reverberation.

Ida Toninato: conception, composition and baritone saxophone
Elysha Poirier: filming, editing and photography
Blaise Borboën-Léonard: recording, mixing, sound design and electronics
Michael Van Wagoner: assistant engineer
Thierry Gauthier: mastering
Tank Center for Sonic Arts team: James Paul, Samantha Wade and Michael Van Wagoner
Very special thanks to Isak Goldschneider, Eric Hill, Nicolas Hyatt, François-Xavier Féron, Guillaume Boutard, Nassamou Bakouri