Elysha Poirier is a multidisciplinary artist working with animation, video and film for live performance. Working with digital and analog methods, she creates playful conversations between live generative and tangible sources. Mediums used in her live performances take on the life of a second performer. She’s fascinated by the quality of tactile objects that produce visual effects, and sound is deeply important in in her process. Her work embodies intense experimentation and an inherent openness to impulse. 

Elysha moved to Montreal in 2013 where she’s been experimenting with 3D generative design platforms, and is interested in visualizing aspects of sound, gesture and language. Her performance work has graced theatres, stages, forests and even bodies of water. She’s travelled much of Canada, the U.S., and parts of Europe collaborating with artists in dance, theatre, experimental music and film.



10/ 2018     Immerse(d) – Live performance with Felicia Lush at the Phi Centre, Montreal. Realtime 3D generative worlds (TouchDesigner) combined with transduced patterns derived from water, combined with the playful bassy rhythms of Hush. Presented as part of Audio/Visual performances – Immerse(d) is an event series exploring how immersive music can impact us, individually and collectively.

06/ 2017     Still Listening – water, video projection and transducers.  Festival Suoni per il Popolo memorial concert for Pauline Oliveros, Sala Rossa, MTL. /w Anne Bourne & Doug Van Nort.

03/ 2017    In the Belly – light table, live video mixing. Matahari Loft, MTL. /w Felix del Tredici, Joe Browne, Alex K.S., Mara Sternberg, Shelby Cohen, Thanya Iyer, Mawmz Choir – Shaina Hayes, Thanya Iyer, Sarah Rossy, and Ida Toninato.

10/ 2016    Fluid Audio – water bowl projections, transducers, live video mixing.
Matahari Loft, Montreal. /w Dominic Thibault.

04/ 2016    Big Winged New Englander – water bowl projections, live video mixing.
HiArt Gallery, New York. /w Felix del Tredici, Joe Browne, and Alex K.S.

08/ 2015    Eternal Archives Remix – live animation via drawing tablet, film juxtaposition, live video mixing. Topological Media Lab (Concordia University, Montréal). /w Peter Putz, Felix Del Tredici, Peter Plessas, Alex Kasirer-Smibert, Navid Navab, and Sarah Albu.

06/ 2014     Treatise – live video mixing, and sound responsive visuals, including Cardew’s graphic score.  Festival Suoni per il Popolo, Sala Rossa, MTL. /w Quatuor Bozzini, Warhol Dervish String Quartet, Amy Horvey, Isak Goldschneider, Ziya Tabassian, Sam Shalabi, Christof Migone, Marla Hlady, Martin Arnold, Melodica, Will Eizlini, Sirius B, Ciao Rhino, Daniel Anez, Ida Toninato, MO Lamontagne, Zack Hail, and Ole Morten Vågan.


10/ 2017     Striking Resemblance – Impressionistic animation driven by the sound of the bells. (As artistic collaborator) /w Doug Van Nort. Smithsonian Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Washington, DC

11/ 2015     Imaginary Lines – interactive installation presented at the 918 Gallery, Toronto Hosted by Dreamwalker Dance Company for The Whole Shebang: Taken by Night.

11/ 2013     Inner Worlds – projected animation instalment. DanceMakers, Toronto. Commissioned by Dreamwalker Dance Company for ‘The Whole Shebang 2013’

09/ 2012     Wunderkammer – pepper’s ghost video design and animation. Topological Media Lab (Concordia University), Montreal. w/ Jerome Delapierre, Navid Navab, Sha Xin Wei, Michael Montanaro, Katie Young, Harry Standjofski, Alex Gaskin, Jason Hendrik. WunderKammer was conceived by Michael Montanaro and Sha Xin Wei.

Video for Dance + Theatre

10/ 2017     Kiinalik: These Sharp Tools – video design and performance with live video. Written and performed by Evalyn Parry & Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory. /w  Cris Derksen, Erin Brubacher, Rebecca Picherack, Alida Derouche, Kaitlyn Hickey, Christina Cicko. Currently on tour in 2019.

12/ 2016     World After Dark – video animation, live motion tracking, projection mapping. Work in development at Soulpepper Tank House Theatre. Choreography and Direction by Shannon Litzenberger. /w  Lorenzo Savoini, Nicole Rose Bond, Niko Markakis, Kassi Scott, Linnea Swan, Dan Wild and Kathia Wittenborn

12/ 2015     To Live in the Age of Melting – video animation, projection mapping and sonic story-telling.  Workshops and presentations at Theatre Passe Muraille & Summerworks Festival. /w Evalyn Parry (written, conceived and performed by).

02/ 2015     Beside Eachother – light table artwork, live visual performance. Presented at the Baby Grand Theatre, Kingston, ON and various other theatres in Canada. Premiered at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts, Toronto.  Concept – Andrea Nann. /w Brendan Wyatt, Guy Cools, Gord Downie (original music and poetry by) and David Duclos.

11/ 2012     Boblo – video animation, projection mapping and light-table. Theatre Centre, Toronto. /w Erin Brandenburg and Andrew Penner, directed by Steve McCarthy, with Anna Atkinson, Gordon Bolan, George Meanwell, Trent Pardy, Penner, Alan Penner, Amy Rutherford and Sophia Walker. Nominated for 5 DORA MAVOR MOORE AWARDS. Winning 2 for Outstanding Lighting Design & Outstanding Sound Design/Composition.

2011/ 2012   The Whole Shebang – video animation, projection mapping and video performance. Enwave Theatre, Toronto. /w Andrea Nann, Helen Yung, Sarah Chase, Brendan Wyatt, and Tom Kuo.

02/ 2012     Seeds – video design. FTA Festival Transamériques, Theatre La Licorne in Montreal, Quebec, Young Centre Toronto and various venues across Canada. Written by Annabel Soutar (Porte Parole) and directed by Chris Abraham (Crow’s Theatre), with Julie Fox (Set Design), Richard Feren (Sound Design), Ana Capelluto (Lighting Design). Starring: Bruce Dinsmore, Mariah Inger, Alex Ivanovici, Tanja Jacobs, Cary Lawrence, Eric Peterson, Liisa Repo-Martell.

2010-2012  Research in Dance and Technology – technology strategist and video design. Various locations between Montreal and Toronto. Directed by William Yong. /w Navid Navab, Jerome Delapierre, Tom Kuo, Yin Gao, Jacob Niedzwiecki, Mark Argo, Ann Poochareon, Erika Kiessner and Adam Carlucci, Pierre-Marc Wallet, Maryse Damecour, James Kendal, Kate Franklin, Nicholas Melymuk, Michael Caldwell, Irvin Chow, Ben Landsberg, Nicholas Melymuk and Brendan Wyatt. Zata Omm Dance and Technology Research Laboratory was made possible with a grant from the George Cedric Metcalf Foundation.

09/ 2011     Eight Ways from Mara – video design and animation. Enwave Theatre, Toronto. Artistic Director William Yong. /w Andrea Rocca, Rebecca Picherack, Heather Berry-MacPhail, Kate Franklin, Erika-Leigh Howard and Nicholas Melymuk.

11/ 2010      Gord’s Solo Tour Light table artwork, visual tour-kit design. Developed from work in Andrea Nann’s ‘Beside Each Other’. /w Gord Downie and David Duclos.

03/ 2008     Frames – video design. Enwave Theatre, Toronto. Artistic Director William Yong of Zata Omm Dance Projects. /w Andrea Rocca, Rebecca Picherack, Michelle Cheung, Kate Franklin, Nicholas Melymuk and Melissa Morris.


10/ 2015     To Live in the Age of Melting: Northwest Passage – co-direction, visual concept and set design, post animations and editingWritten, conceived and performed by Evalyn Parry. w/ Nick de Pencier, Anahita Dehbonehie, Don Kerr, mastered by Jeff Caroll at Bluefield Mastering, North Carolina. Official premiere: October, 2015 @ Planet in Focus Film Festival

Workshops (Teaching)

12/ 2013     Interdisciplinary Arts Workshop for young artists. University of Toronto Schools (UTS). w/ Andrea Nann, David Duclos and Brendan Wyatt

05/ 2012     Interdisciplinary Arts in Visual, Dance and Music for young artists. Bishop Strachan School (BSS). w/ Andrea Nann and Dave Clark

10/ 2010     Creative Writing for New Media Journalism Program. University of Western Ontario.


2001           Diploma of Graphic Design, Durham College, ON, CA.