Elysha Poirier‘s work utilizes low-fi technologies and analogue techniques to combine with media rich practices, including live performances and installations. Her practice alternates between animation, film, and video for experimental dance, music and theatre.

upcoming projects

New web-documentary coming soon!

Inspired by Glenn Gould’s 1967 CBC Radio documentary The Idea of North, this online, interactive listening experience features personal accounts of identity, heritage and place within the context of North and South in Canada. 

New projects on the horizon: ‘Mitchell Corners’

A film about rural /urban beekeeping, and the value of mentorship.

Kiinalik: These Sharp Tools on tour

Coming to Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto – 2019
Push Festival Vancouver (January 8-February 3), Espace Libre Montreal (March 11-16) and Luminato Toronto (June 11-16)